You are the Designer of Your Destiny

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Everything in this world is not permanent, everything is transitional. If you hit the rocky bottom, remember - this too shall pass. Do not be afraid to believe in your strength: whatever happens - happens for the best.

There are no accidents in Astrology: the ending of something has always meant the new beginning, and if a door has closed before you in your life, be sure that another one just opened. The only thing that is needed to find your life path - is to calm down and turn on your  iTalisman, tune your mind and you will clearly see the door leading to success.


You are the designer of your destiny, the question is - which path you choose

Magnificent Sounds of Music

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Music is an art form capable of transforming our feelings. It can bring tears on our eyes, it can make us happy, it can make us sad. Music can bring us closer to divine and inspire us for creation.

There is no nation that does not love or does not compose music. Magnificent is the fact that all of the amazing variety of music forms and styles is created with seven notes only.

Music instruments continue to evolve everyday, making use of the latest technology and scientific achievements, producing wide range of sounds and effects. Electronic instruments today are an integral part of music creation and creative self-expression. Modern technologies, such as microphones, allow sound capturing as precise as never before! Multitrack sound recording systems allow engineers to manipulate each instrument to make a final product to be crystal clear, alive and vibrant.

There are a lot of new ways of enhancing music performance through affecting sense of the audience through stage and lighting design. Strobe lights, fog machines,  create surrealistic atmosphere around audience and musicians,  letting them to absorb the music with their whole being.
This is the are of unparalleled possibilities for music exploration. The new music is reflective of our times, and it is enlightening to observe how ideas of our age are incorporated into many different types, styles and techniques of sounds and performances.


The Dragons

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Myths about dragons came from all over the world: flying dragons from Greenland, fire-breathing dragons from Europe, dragons from the high seas. All these cultures could never have met, and yet from the Andes to the Himalayas you could hear stories of dragons. Why? Take a guess: is there a chance these stories are real?


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herb The beautiful home of ours-our planet Earth. Every thing growing and     living on this wonderful planet is for our benefit.  We just have to make the decision how and where to use the amassing gifts of Mather Nature. Herbs are the absorbers of Earth’s goodness, the treasure chest we can derive our strength from.
Today we are ready to offer new homeopathic remedy the findings of 15 years research. The uniqec formula developed from assorted herbs, gives the great results with no side effects.
Recommended for adults and children.
“Naturesblue” offer you Freedom Allergy and Freedom Cold and Flu

Drum Magic

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We are often use words such as “magnificent” and “fascinating” to describe sounds of music. Why does music influence us? Why do we enjoy music?

Just think about countless music instruments humanity invented over the centuries! And one of the most special instruments is a drum. Since ancient times people were using drums to express emotions and to transfer information. Every time a tribe was hunting or celebrating a victory, every time town folks were gathering to keep a council or to see execution, drumming was announcing these events.
And what about classic music? Can you imagine contemporary music without drum beats. I do not think so.

What kind of magic forces is created by a drum? What kind mystical energies do we feel listening to it?
Read more about drum history at this page.

Predict Your Astrological Path and Secure it With Your iTalisman

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Since ancient times astrology was used to achieve power, prosperity, happiness and success. Your Date of Birth determines your Zodiacal sign. The Zodiac sign will accompany you forever and will be your lucky star.

But Zodiac sign alone is not able to bring you the energy that you need, with Astrology Prediction we have found a way to connect you with your astrological sign fully charged with the pure energy of cosmos, that will enhance your life to the fullest.

iTalisman is the key that you need to unlock the path to eternal happiness.  Stored in your computer your personal iTalisman will be able to unite with you forever into a single entity and deliver astrological power to you.

No one Knows Where is the Beginning Where is the End

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I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists - proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision.        

   Thomas A. Edison

Astrology Prediction

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Many think that Astrology predicts the future. Nonsense! Your birth sign is the blueprint, of your personality and character as indicated by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the 7 planets on the date of your birth, but planets do not cause events that happen with you, planets only indicate energies that are influencing humans and nature on Earth. Planets can only reflect the events and conditions on Earth, in people’s lives and souls, and all these means that Horoscopes do not predict your future, but suggest the essence of your existence. 

There are no two identical people. Everyone is unique and talented in their own way. All you need is to understand and believe in yourself. Everyone, I want to repeat, every one of us has something of deity, a God’s sparkle that can become a full flame, if you will not allow life circumstances to put it out.

AstrologyPrediction does not predict future, but offer you to be architect of your life. You don’t need it foreteller or prophet any more. It will be your decision what pathway is yours; you choose yourself your true life purpose.           



We Were Born Among The Stars

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Everything created by Nature is beneficial to the humanity; we just need to learn how to use it properly. Deadly snake venom is used in production of many medicines, while used since ancient times as a sedative poppy was turned into production of opium and heroin, sucking people dry, paralyzing their will and causing unavoidable death at the end.

Humanity is blocking off the healing forces of nature by accepting civilization; by building overcrowded cities, surrounding ourselves with machinery and artificial energies, we are becoming more vulnerable to distractive effects of stress. We weakening our bodies and souls by not letting nourishing energies of Nature in. 

We were born from the energy of chaos. The whole world, the whole Universe is filled with this energy and by letting it in, we heal and improve our bodies and souls, and we get inspiration and intuition.


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Creation of Talisman


Objects which possess magical or supernatural power of their own which is transmitted to their possessors. Talismans are frequently confused with amulets which are objects which passively protect the owner from evil and harm. Usually the solitary function of talismans is to make possible powerful transformations.
Talismans can be any object, design, or symbol believed to be endowed with magical powers.

A Talisman is a small amulet or other object, often bearing magical symbols, worn for protection against evil spirits or the supernatural.
Amulets and talismans vary considerably according to their time and place of origin. In many societies, religious objects serve as amulets…
What do you think about that?