Astrology Prediction

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Many think that Astrology predicts the future. Nonsense! Your birth sign is the blueprint, of your personality and character as indicated by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the 7 planets on the date of your birth, but planets do not cause events that happen with you, planets only indicate energies that are influencing humans and nature on Earth. Planets can only reflect the events and conditions on Earth, in people’s lives and souls, and all these means that Horoscopes do not predict your future, but suggest the essence of your existence. 

There are no two identical people. Everyone is unique and talented in their own way. All you need is to understand and believe in yourself. Everyone, I want to repeat, every one of us has something of deity, a God’s sparkle that can become a full flame, if you will not allow life circumstances to put it out.

AstrologyPrediction does not predict future, but offer you to be architect of your life. You don’t need it foreteller or prophet any more. It will be your decision what pathway is yours; you choose yourself your true life purpose.           



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